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Navigating through confusing Maze of Multiple Image Formats

Have you ever tried finding a specific photo on your device, only to get lost in a sea of duplicates and varying image formats? You’re not alone. In our digital age, images are everywhere – from capturing memories to creating content for websites and social media. But with the rise of technology, we’re now facing a new challenge – the overwhelming number of image formats. Let’s dive into this issue and explore some strategies to tackle this issue.

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How to convert WebP images to jpg format?

Have you ever felt the need to convert WebP images to jpg format? read on…WebP is a image format developed and ‘encouraged’ by Google. It is designed to be more efficient than JPEG, (or .jpg format). In many cases, the WebP images can be up to 30% smaller than JPEG images. there have been many tutorials, How-Tos and videos in recent years that show how to convert an image to WebP format. But what if one wants to do the reverse? Read this post to learn how to convert WebP images to jpg format.


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Microsoft Designer Graphics Design: First Impressions

Long story short, the Microsoft Designer graphics design tool holds promise. I tried the preview edition; below is the short summary.In less than a minute, I was able to get a few awesome images and a short video in under 3 minutes using the search feature. The images generated can be used “As is” in most cases. Image generation using Dall-E2 as the backend gives okay-ish results. Other features such as creating image from scratch, making infographics, charts and other visual content will be the true test of the capabilities of this tool. The site does not work well with firefox, interface is rather clunky.


Video : beautiful AI generated images of dogs

This morning I ended up making a series of AI generated images of dogs. I was tinkering around with a couple of different AI based image generators like Stable Diffusion and Dalle2 Dalle3, and ended up creating a few images of these Canines.
I created the below video from those images. I have titled this video as “Dogs galore”, a play on words on the old name of my city, Bangalore.
This post was updated in March 2024.

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Creative Corner : Exploring Graphic Design Tools

In this post, you will find some images created while exploring graphic design tools. Over the past several years, while working on podcasts by gaathastory, I have used a variety of SaaS based graphic design tools including Canva, Crello, Stencil, and Tyle. I will present a few images created using these different tools, some were generated while reviewing some apps in a similar space, such as Microsoft Designer and Designcap. This post was updated in March 2024.