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Different Audio formats and How to Smartly navigate them

As a podcaster, you may receive files in different audio formats. The files themselves could be sent via different platforms such as WhatsApp, which typically uses the OPUS format, or from Apple devices that often use formats like AIFF or ALAC. In addition to these, you might also encounter WAV and MP3 formats. Let us take a look at the typical audio file formats and their common uses.


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High Engineering Fees and ROI or Return on Investment

As a parent, deciding where to invest your money for your child’s professional education is an important financial decision. In this post, we will take a look at Engineering Fees and ROI (return on investment) on an engineering education. With engineering being one of the most popular career choices in India, most middle-class parents view spending on an engineering degree as a passport to future security. However, given the high cost of premier engineering colleges, ranging from Rs. 6-18 lakhs for a 4-year program, what kind of return can parents and students expect on their investment? (more…)

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A quick review of Lubuntu 24.04 Alpha Noble Numbat

In this blog post, we do a quick and short review of Lubuntu 24.04 Alpha. The 24.04 release of Ubuntu is code named Noble Numbat. In this, we delve into the firsthand experience of installing Lubuntu 24.04 Alpha on a modestly equipped laptop. This exploration is not just about the technical process but also a personal journey with the Ubuntu family, particularly Lubuntu, and its lightweight capabilities.


Installation of HestiaCP Web Control Panel. Blog of Amar Vyas

HestiaCP Web Control Panel : A Useful Open Source Server Panel

Let us learn about HestiaCP Web Control Panel in this post.This blog post also outlines the differences between open source projects – HestiaCP and VestaCP in development, interface, security, and features.

इस ब्लॉग पोस्ट में ओपन सोर्स वेब होस्टिंग कंट्रोल पैनल्स HestiaCP और VestaCP की तुलना की गई है। इसमें उनके विकास, इंटरफेस, सुरक्षा, और फीचर्स में अंतर को उजागर किया गया है। यह लेख पाठक को वेब सर्वर को कुशलतापूर्वक प्रबंधित करने के लिए सूचित निर्णय लेने में मदद करता है।


dashboard for Zoho Writer. Blog post on Online Office Suites for Productivity

Useful Alternatives to Online Office Suites for Productivity

This blog post discusses some popular online office suites for productivity. It covers their features, evaluation criteria, and looks into future trends. This is a one-stop resource for anyone looking to understand the landscape of web-based office tools.

यह व्यापक मार्गदर्शिका 2023 में उपलब्ध वेब-आधारित ऑफिस सुइट्स की चर्चा करता है। इसमें उनकी सुविधाएं, मूल्यांकन मापदंड और भविष्य की दिशाओं की जाँच की गई है। यह किसी भी व्यक्ति के लिए वेब-आधारित ऑफिस उपकरणों  को समझने के लिए एक संसाधन है।


Screenshot of Voyager Linux Desktop. Downsides of Ubuntu based Linux Distributions. Blog of Amar Vyas

Downsides of Ubuntu based Linux Distributions

In this blog post, we will explore the downsides of Ubuntu based Linux distributions. that is, distributions that are derived from or use code base of Ubuntu. We will delve into some of the common issues that users face when using Ubuntu-based distributions. We will also discuss the possible solutions to these issues to help users get the best out of their Ubuntu-based systems.


Screenshot for Bodhi Linux on Coconics Enabler Laptop- lightweight Linux distribution for older computers. Fifteen years using Linux and Open Source

Bodhi- Lightweight Linux distribution for Older Computers

Bodhi Linux, a lightweight Linux distribution for older computers, is based on Ubuntu that uses the Moksha Desktop Environment. The philosophy behind Bodhi Linux is to provide a minimal base system so that users can install the software they want, making it an ideal choice for older machines with limited resources. In this article, we will cover the key features, history, Moksha Desktop Environment, customization options, and alternatives to Bodhi Linux.


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My favourite Discontinued Linux Distributions

In this post, find a list of my favourite discontinued linux distributions. Linux offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to distributions. Some of these have stood the test of time, while others have been discontinued for various reasons. We will explore some once-popular Linux distributions that are now discontinued. I have tested or used each of the distributions in this blog post at some period of time, typically between 2017 and 2020.


ZorinOS on MacBook Pro 2012

ZorinOS on MacBook Pro 2012 versus Ubuntu Mate

This blog post details my experience installing ZorinOS on MacBook Pro 2012 versus Ubuntu Mate, including some of challenges faced and how I overcame them. In the world of Linux distributions, ZorinOS stands out as a user-friendly and visually appealing operating system. It’s especially appealing to those transitioning from Windows or macOS, thanks to its familiar interface. Ubuntu Mate is a flavour of Ubuntu that I have come to like and admire.

How do the two compare in terms of ease of installation and configuration, maintenance, updates, and performance? Read below to learn more.


Installing WordPress using Command Line Tools. Feature Image for Blog post by Amar Vyas

Installing WordPress Using Command Line Installers

This blog post discusses the various options for installing WordPress using command line installers. Specifically, we cover open-source command-line based tools like Webinoly, WordOps, and Slickstack over proprietary tools. We will explore their pros, cons, limitations, and ideal audience.The article serves as a guide for beginners to intermediate-level tech enthusiasts,who are looking to for an alternative way to install WordPress.


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Multiple cancellations of VPS Hosting

Over the past two weeks, I have been on a spree of multiple cancellations of VPS Hosting. I am looking to consolidate services, and I thought it made sense to reduce the number of active servers I had in my ‘portfolio’. Which made me wonder, what might be the possible reasons why people do multiple cancellations of VPS Hosting?

हिंदी में सारांश

मैंने अपने वेब होस्टिंग “साम्राज्य” को छोटा करने का निर्णय लिया है। मैंने कई सर्वर सेवाएं बंद कीं हैं और साल के अंत तक इसे आधा करने की कोशिश कर रहा हूं। VPS होस्टिंग को रद्द करने के कई कारण हो सकते हैं, जैसे सेवाओं का संघटन, अनावश्यक सब्सक्रिप्शन्स, मूल्य वृद्धि |

मराठीत सारांश

मी माझ्या वेब होस्टिंग ‘साम्राज्य’ लहान करण्याचा ठराव घेतला आहे. मी काही सर्व्हर सेवा बंद केल्या आहेत आणि वर्षाच्या शेवटी पर्यंत त्याचे आधी करण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहे.


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