How to use Speedtest for testing Network speed. Feature Image for Blog Post

How to use Speedtest for testing Network speed

In this post, we will discuss how to use speedtest for testing network speed for a Linux server. Slow network speed can lead to a decrease in productivity and can even result in system downtime. That’s why it is essential to regularly test your network speed to identify any potential issues and take necessary actions to improve it. One of the most efficient ways to test your network speed is by using a command-line speedtest script on your Linux server.
This post was substantially  updated in March 2024


Household with Four Operating Systems. Feature Image for blog post by Amar Vyas

The Household With Four Operating Systems : Chaos ensues

Like many families, ours is a household with four operating systems. The article discusses the my experience with managing multiple operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux) across various household devices. Prompted by the challenges of using the writing software Scrivener and the time-consuming process of updating multiple systems, the I have decided to consolidate. 


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